>Nokia C5-03 Review


Nokia C5-03 ReviewNokia C5-03 ReviewNokia C5-03 Review


Nokia has had a tough time coming up with a hugely successful high-end device and instead has taken the path to cheaper and more affordable smartphones for the masses. The Nokia C5-03 finds its place at this exact spot as it fits in the mid-range segment of Symbian smartphones. The phone is a close copy of the Nokia C6-01 spec-wise and promises a full connectivity package with 3G on board and free navigation and maps by Ovi. On the negative side, however, the Nokia C5-03 saves on both capacitive screen in favor of resistive and on Symbian^3 in favor of the now officially ancient Symbian^1 aka Symbian S60 5th edition.

The Nokia C5-03 comes with a 2GB microSD card, but you can use cards with up to 16GB of memory. Included in the retail package is also a charger, user guides and one of the shortest microUSB cables we have seen so far.

The Nokia C5-03 is light on your pocket. And we mean it light as light in money, and light as 93-gram light in weight, which puts it somewhere in the top of our list of flyweight smartphones. The phone comes in a variety of color combinations with black or white choices for the body, which can be then paired with different colors for the bottom part. The variety of looks comes bundled with eco-friendly materials – 80 per cent of the body is recyclable, while half of the packaging is made from recyclable materials.

Nokia C5-03 Review
Nokia C5-03 Review
Nokia C5-03 Review

The Nokia C5-03 comes in a variety of color combinations

Nokia C5-03 Review

You can compare the Nokia C5-03 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

One thing you might not notice in the beginning is that around the edges, where the screen meets the casing, seems to be a minimal distance, just enough to collect all sorts of garbage. Apart from this issue, the phone feels a bit like a toy, but still with no moving parts and good build quality for a mid-range device.

And speaking of affordable handsets, the screen is where budget played big and Nokia went with resistive technology. This undeniably ruins some of the fun of the otherwise pretty 3.2-inch screen, which boasts a resolution of 360×640 pixels. We pumped up the brightness to its highest level, but that still did not help much in direct sunlight where legibility suffered seriously.

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