>Choosing a car to be modified or simply a collection of tricky. For those who dream of comfortable cars, European cars can be used as an alternative.
1. Looking at your financial condition.
2. Options branded Europe or Japan Car, and consider the good and evil excess / shortage of these European car brands, and so did the Japanese brands. (Which is certain European cars must be wasteful because the average energetic with very Big CC)
3. If you wish to have European brand cars, most of all you must know the workshop treatment, such as the BMW brand, should be at the Special Workshop for the BMW is certainly an expert in dealing with European brands such damage.
4. As the foremost requirement is the typical “spoiled” in the sense of routine maintenance needs and special intensive workshop BMW.
5. In the next stage can see, the condition of the surrounding body are still orisil and then see the four hinges of the door and the hood and trunk.
6. Then see Deck the bottom, for around and under the edge of the car door is still original (probably already welded / repaired), then stepped into the stage of the exhaust, whether dry or wet, if it was wet because we have to burn oil marked Tanya?
7. Only then into the engine which is a driving force, open the hood and see the condition of the engine for around, what is still original and dry the engine, as well as power steringnya, is still good.
8. In the interior, you also have to be careful, because for European cars are overlooked original interior conditions, such as dashboad, upholstery and carpet and deck.
9. See the letters of the vehicle, classified as very vulnerable, both from tax and authenticity and should check for the presence of his letters to the Police where you live.
10. Enjoy, your vehicle if you look at the Tips and Tricks we provide durable and hopefully the sale price will not fall too far, if the treatment is always observed.

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