>Review Samsung I600


After producing the series of SGH-i300 that uses OS Windows Mobile for the domestic market, currently was present the series of SGH-i600, that also used OS that was same. However this new series, has been supplied new technology that was more complete and better. Including the network 3G and HSDPA. By vendor SGH-i600 was given by the nickname black Jack. With provisions of high multimedia of the application capacity, SGH-i600 entered the group smart messaging device.

DESIGN, SGH -i600 was present with the concept qwerty pad, that was clear was allocated for the ease of text typing, the email et cetera. Despite, the switch qwerty pad was compiled rather close, so as to need the adaptation of some time before smooth used. And the attendance qwerty pad also brought the consequences of the measurement body the wide cellular phone.

But don’t worry, body that was wide that did not bring the problem when being used. We continued to be able to operate the cellular phone with one hand. Despite, stayed more comfortable when operating the switch with two hands. Possibly not rather comfortable when being stuck on ears, when did voice call, as well as not more just right also if you tried to keep him in the pocket of trousers.

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